Use Social Media to Boost Your Website

Social media marketing and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies. Both are organic, inbound strategies that focus on building an appealing identity that naturally attracts visitors. Since social media relies on high-quality content and a visible, strong brand presence, the efforts you spend on SEO can doubly improve your social media reach, and as most search marketers will tell you, your social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings. ( SEO in hindi )

Unfortunately, when discussing how social media can influence your Google rankings, most search marketers leave out the details. Rather than discussing exactly how and why increased social media attention can improve your SEO, it’s written off as a generality, leaving social media marketers to wonder whether their strategies are actually effective.

Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO

1. Direct traffic and indirect links for SEO
Popular stories and articles on the largest social media sites can bring a huge amount of traffic – which is great for branding and gaining exposure. The biggest SEO benefit with this is the large increase in indirect links. The social media sites themselves don’t provide much link value, but many publishers and webmasters look to social media sites for references, which results in valuable editorial links that help improve rankings.

2. Direct link sources help with indexing
Furthermore, some social media sites are beneficial due to the direct SEO links they provide. While many of these links include the nofollow tag, some do not or take it off if an article receives a set number of votes.

3. Social factors in search engine algorithms
As it stands now, the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) mainly use various forms of advanced link and keyword analysis to determine the rankings. But who’s to say they won’t incorporate social data into their algorithms in the near future?

4. Social media pages with high ranking potential
Another SEO benefit of social media is that many of social sites have high domain authority and ranking potential. Thus, many of the pages on these sites – including profiles – are likely to rank for targeted keywords, which creates multiple search listings for a brand. This is ideal for reputation management campaigns.


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